Fairytale Themed Baby Invitations

Feb 02

Your little one is turning one very soon and it’s almost time that you start sending out those baby birthday invitations out soon! If it’s a girl that you have and are planning on a cute girly birthday party, we are here to give you a few ideas on how to design and send out fairy themed baby invitations for your little one’s big day.

princess pricilla postcard in pastel pink 221229 Fairytale Themed Baby Invitations

One of the first things you need to keep in mind for fairytale themed baby invitations is none other than your little one is nothing short of a princess! Make sure that the baby birthday invitation has a specific description set out for the dress code of the little guests. They could either dress up as their most favourite fairytale characters or even as a princess or prince from a far out kingdom.

princess pricilla postcard in pastel blue 220391 Fairytale Themed Baby Invitations

Another great feature about having fairy themed baby birthday invitations is the endless possibility of design and decor opportunities that comes along with it. There could be fairytale themed buntings, flags, cupcakes and an assortment of

princess pricilla postcard in pastel pink 221241 Fairytale Themed Baby Invitations

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Circus Themed First Birthday Invitations

Jan 20

Your little one’s first birthday is coming up and from the tents to the elephant who does magic tricks, you are quite sure that your little son or daughter will be thrilled to have circus themed baby birthday invitations! If you are already in the midst of arranging the clowns and popcorn stalls, keep reading as we give you a few themed birthday invitation ideas that you can clown around with.

Colours for Circus Themed Birthday Invitations

clown capers postcard in santa claus red 219501 Circus Themed First Birthday Invitations

One of the first things you will have to pay attention to are the colours of the circus themed baby birthday invitations. These will have to be bright, spunky and eye-catching. Be sure to include the infamous red and white vertical stripes in the birthday invitation because, what is a circus without them!

Other colours to include in the themed birthday party invitations can also include the play of primary colours and even a twinge of gold and purple. However, remember that these colours are not exclusive to the baby birthday invitations and can be used to best suit your baby’s tastes and preferences.

Designs for Circus Themed Birthday Invitations

clown capers postcard in midblue 220544 Circus Themed First Birthday Invitations

There are a few things you cannot forfeit when designing your toddler’s circus themed birthday party invitations: clowns, juggling, vertical circus stripes and a magic show. While all of these cannot be incorporated in the themed birthday invite, most of it can and it must be done so effectively.

In order to make the most “circus” out of the theme, it is essential to pick one of predominant circus motifs. Once this has been decided on, then it is only a matter of ideas as to how it could be best designed into the themed birthday invitation and other birthday decorations and favours.

Costume Ideas for Circus Themed Birthdays

clown capers postcard in emerald 261316 Circus Themed First Birthday Invitations

One of the most enjoyable ideas for your toddler’s circus themed birthday is to have a birthday outfit that is thematic! Have your little one dressed up in black trousers, white shirt, tail coat and a top hat and voila, your little circus monkey is ready to go. If you do have spare time on your hands, try to see to this much before the birthday party as a picture of this can be captured and included in the little one’s circus themed birthday party invitations as well!

DIY Co-ed Baby Shower Invitations

Jan 14

Your closest friend from university is having a baby and as her best-girlfriend and once maid of honour, it is your duty to ensure that you throw a baby shower for your incoming godchild. As most parties and baby showers the baby shower invitations or birthday invitations and other party decorations etc cannot all be looked into solely by one individual, so it’s best to involve other close friends or immediate family of the expectant mother that you too are friends with. If it is a surprise then there is sure to be a lot more work involved when sending out those birthday invitations or baby shower invitations, however if the expectant mother or birthday girl already knows of the celebration then do seize the opportunity to ask her for preferences and what she would like best.

In the event of a baby shower invitation, the parents-to-be may  have chosen not to reveal the gender of the baby. If so, then as the host of the party you need to look into co-ed baby birthday or baby shower invitations. If you are looking for inspiration ideas to design the baby birthday invitations keep reading as we give you a few gender-neutral baby shower invitation ideas.

Teddy Bears

new life square w magnet in mandarine 218602 DIY Co ed Baby Shower Invitations

What speaks to children better than teddy bears? As the host, choosing a teddy bear theme would be ideal for your best friend’s baby shower and also a very cute way to invite guests when sending out those baby birthday invitations. Do warn the expectant mother in advance about the abundant toys she will receive though!

Jungle Joy

a new critter coming card w magnet in mocca 253271 1 DIY Co ed Baby Shower Invitations

All children love animals and having a jungle-theme for the baby shower is ideal if the nursery too runs on the same theme. It could be either a family of baby animals or a few of the key characters from the Jungle book. Having animals on the baby shower invitations or baby birthday invitations is also convenient if you are running late with organising the baby shower.

Baby Clothes

baby clothes card w magnet in mist 254562 1 DIY Co ed Baby Shower Invitations

What could be cuter than featuring baby clothes in the  baby shower invitation design or baby birthday invitations? Little baby clothes hanging on cloth pegs as a background image to your baby shower or 1st birthday invitations are a  sure way to capture the hearts and smiles of your guests.

To-be Mommies

gentle lady card w magnet in pastel pink 216334 DIY Co ed Baby Shower Invitations

Who said that baby showers need to be all about the incoming baby? Why not share the limelight with the mommy-to-be and have a silhouette of the expectant mother on the baby shower invitation? If the shower is a surprise, she is sure to be pleased.


Baby Invitations for Summer Celebrations

Dec 16

Baby invitations can cover a number of different special events, from the baby birthday invitations you mail out to the baby shower invitations for the surprise shower  you organised for your sister or even a themed-celebration involving your little baby. If you are looking for sunny, bright, yellow and summer birthday party invitations, keep reading as we give you a few options that’s sure to fit the bill.

Sunny Yellow

baby bot bot square w magnet in pastel yellow 216343 Baby Invitations for Summer Celebrations

For summer birthday party invitations, one of the most dominating features is the colour yellow. While other pastel shades too equally denote summer, nothing beats the impact that is created using yellow. The colour on the birthday invitation also resembles a colour of joy, happiness, sunshine, laughter and all things your baby would grow to appreciate.

Tea Party

clown capers postcard in midblue 220525 Baby Invitations for Summer Celebrations

A tea party, while not exclusively an event for celebrating babies and does not always require sending out baby birthday invitations, it is in fact a fabulous idea for the mommies of these babies to come together. The birthday party invitations could also include a line to the wording requesting mommies to bring along someone to help take care of the littles ones,  so while the toddlers have a play date of their own, the hardworking mommies are allowed to indulge in pretty cupcakes.

Garden Party

here comes the star two card w magnet in apricot 219438 Baby Invitations for Summer Celebrations

While a tea party can be held both inside and outside the house and more often than not is a girls-only affair, a garden party is an ideal opportunity for families to come together with their little ones and newborns. As in the previous instance the baby birthday invitations could request parents to bring their nanny or caretaker with them, if any, which would allow the fathers to help out  with the BBQ, for mothers to swap household hacks and for older children to play Frisbee.

The best part about baby birthday invitations is that it is more often than not a family affair and if you are inviting other babies to come celebrate with your own, they come with their own mommies and daddies resulting in a birthday party celebration for everybody! Each summer-party theme comes with a range of buffet table, decorations and party favour options of its own and what’s best about joint celebrations is that all those attending gets a party favour of their own!


Animal Themed Baby Invitations

Dec 06

It’s the little one’s birthday and of course you are trying to think of what to include in their 1st birthday invitations! If this is you, allow us to give you the option of selecting animal themed baby birthday invitations, ideal for most children because who doesn’t like little furry fellows?

Safari Themed Baby Invitations

jungle critters card w magnet in lime 253282 1 Animal Themed Baby Invitations

A safari themed birthday invite is perfect for your little one’s birthday because of the multitude of theme options available to decorate the entire house or venue. There are limitless opportunities to play around with starting with the birthday party invitations, to the birthday party favours, birthday décor and any other birthday stationery, napkins and so on.

Besides the birthday invitations, the baby’s party could have stuffed animals placed on the floor, this will be especially delightful if you have other Mommy friends bringing their little ones and even cut outs of the animals hanging from the ceiling, on banners to be hung against the wall and even little flags to decorate the buffet table.

If you are creative enough, have the entire family dressed in costumes or animal onesies and if you are daring, ask the others to join in the fun as well!

Furry Animals on Baby Invitations

new life square w magnet in mandarine 218602 Animal Themed Baby Invitations

If you are a girlfriend or sister organising a baby shower for your best friend or sister who is expecting a new arrival soon, then it is ideal to have little furry animals on the baby shower invitations. These little ones are sure to be your niece’s, nephew’s or godchild’s new best friends and are the perfect reason to have them on the invitations.

There are a few reasons as to why you should select animal themed baby birthday invitations. First, if you know that your little one absolutely adores animals and gets mighty excited at zoo visits then it is the perfect reason to have them on their 1st birthday invitations. However, if you are running short of time to design and think of creative ideas for your little one’s birthday invitations, then you cannot go wrong by using animal themed baby birthday invitations! All children love animals, the decoration possibilities are endless and you can even have theme-specific cupcakes and party favours.


Photo Baby Announcement Card Tips

Nov 27

Your little one is almost home and it is indeed exciting news to share with your family and friends. As in the case of your baby’s birthday that would come complete with baby birthday invitations, the birth of your baby too would have a baby announcement card and more often than not contain a picture of the little one. If you already have the text in place and are awaiting the arrival of the new family member, read through as we give you a few guidelines and tips for the placement of your baby’s photograph on the announcement card.

Placement of the Photograph

new love postcard in coral 80 222873 Photo Baby Announcement Card Tips

As in the case of a baby birthday invitation, a baby announcement card too has pictures of your baby to show your precious bundle to distant relatives or friends living abroad who may not have had a glimpse of the little one as of yet. While there is no standard place where the photograph should be placed, more often than not, it is advised that the photographs be right on top, centred or on the side, but never at the bottom as it would not be the primary focus point of the baby birthday invitation or baby announcement card.

Have More than One Photograph

spot on in every way postcard in fuschia pink 222815 Photo Baby Announcement Card Tips

While most baby announcement cards and birthday invitations have one photograph, you could try something different and have more than one! Of course depending on your budget and the scale of the ceremony it could be decided as to whether there should be single or multiple photographs of your newborn.

Capturing Different Moments

angel star card w magnet in pastel pink 222300 Photo Baby Announcement Card Tips

It is difficult to capture a picture of the little one smiling and most pictures need to be clicked as soon as possible and sent to the designers or printers on time. However, if you want to try something different then do try to photograph your little one from different angles or have him or her dressed in different clothes or get them to blink, sleep or just have fun clicking lots of pictures of the little one. If this is too complicated or you just don’t have enough time, stick to a simple baby announcement card or birthday invitation with a single picture of your little one so that your guests have a glimpse of the new arrival before coming over!


Birth Announcement Wording and Etiquette

Nov 09

The arrival of your new baby is just a few days away and while this may not be  news to your closest family and friends, you would still want to let everyone know with an elegant birth announcement card, the right way. If you are the to-be parents who are overly excited and have already planned the design on your baby’s first birthday invitation cards, birth announcements are sure to be a breeze! However, if you are looking for a little something to get you started amidst the nursery preparations, keep reading.

angel star card w magnet in pastel pink 222300 Birth Announcement Wording and Etiquette

Birth Announcement Wording

It is after all a birth-day invitation of sorts for your new born and the first step to get it right is of course to ensure that the announcement wording is on track. Here are a few things you need to look out for on the birth announcement:

  1. Welcome the baby through your announcement card as this shows that the baby is in fact a new addition to your family.
  2. Following this is of course the baby’s name. Most parents start deciding on the little one’s name once the gender is revealed or if they opt to keep it a surprise, they usually decide on a girl’s name and a boy’s name.
  3. Next since it is an announcement, you would want to announce that your baby is healthy and the date of your baby’s birth so they would know when to except baby’s first baby invitations.
  4. Finally would come the details of the family in which the baby was born in to and include the names of the parents, siblings if extended family members live with them, theirs as well.

Birth Announcement Etiquette

angel stripe card w magnet in pastel green 222928 Birth Announcement Wording and Etiquette

As in the case of a wedding or a baby shower, a birth announcement too comes with etiquette. Just as when there is a particular time in which you would send out your baby’s 1st birthday invitation, there is a time in which you would mail or deliver your new arrival’s birth announcement. As for the timing of the birth announcement and when this should be sent out, there are only four words: as soon as possible. If you know the date of delivery or “around” the time the date of delivery, ensure that your design is done, wording is complete and hold on to the date, weight and other specifics as last minute additions. If you want to send in a favour to celebrate the occasion it would be most welcome, but ensure that it doesn’t delay the announcement.

Baby Party Invitation Styles

Nov 03

It could be your baby’s christening; baptism or even his/her first birthday that deserves a celebration with close family and friends, but everyone knows that it would be incomplete if not for those carefully chosen baby birthday invitations. Let us guide you through a range of baby party and birthday invitation styles that you could choose from, ahead of your little one’s big day.

Plain and Simple

wrapped in love postcard in pastel yellow 223906 1 Baby Party Invitation Styles

It could be for your baby’s christening, baptism or even a 1st birthday invitation, if you as parents want to keep things plain and simple, you could. Inspiration ideas for the birthday party invitations would include solid coloured card stock that is either blue, pink or even gender neutral tones of lavender, green or yellow with beautiful cursive text complementing the baby birthday invitations. Be sure to maintain uniformity in colour at the baby’s party by including party favours and décor.

Playful Invitation

baby bot bot postcard in apricot 216196 Baby Party Invitation Styles

Perhaps a stock coloured baby birthday invitation sounds a little too plain for you. This could be attended to by adding some colour or even an image or two to the birthday party invitation. Inspiration ideas for the birthday invites include feeding bottles, a Safari theme with stuffed animals, baby clothes and so on.  Depending on the theme chosen for the birthday invitations, have a blast with the party favours and décor used at your baby’s party. Décor ideas include helium balloons in the shape of stuffed animals, cupcakes with decorative patterns and even coloured flags to light up the party area.

Picture Perfect

little birdie dl postcard in lolly blue 216809 1 Baby Party Invitation Styles

Whether it’s your baby’s first birthday or your first baby and you are determined to have an elaborate party announcing your baby’s baptism, christening or birthday, , the best way to jazz up the baby birthday invitations would be to include your baby’s picture on their 1st birthday invitations. It would be ideal to include a photograph of your baby especially if you are inviting baby’s grandparents or family members who haven’t seen the little one in a very long time.

Whichever theme you choose for any of your baby’s special occasions, be sure that it is something you decide on and plan meticulously and that goes for the baby birthday invitations as well. Factors that need to be taken into consideration include the budget set aside for the celebration, time at hand to plan the party and the number of people who you would want as part of the special day.



Personalise Your Baby Themed Party Invitations

Oct 28

It’s your baby’s first birthday and as new parents or parents who have had kids for a good number of years, the first birthday of your newest addition to the family is always a memorable one. One of the most looked forward to things when organising your baby’s first birthday is undoubtedly the theme and the birthday party invitations that go along with it! In order to move along forward with the preparations for your little one’s first milestone, be sure to pick out a theme and/or a colour that complement it and then working on the birthday party invitation would be as easy as a pie.

Birthday Invites with Text

baby shower card w magnet in lolly green 215351 Personalise Your Baby Themed Party Invitations

One of the easiest ways to jazz up any birthday party invitation is to play around with the typography of the birthday invitation. First, ensure that you have chosen the desire theme or colour for the baby birthday invitation. Select a delicate font that swirls or is fun that would add that extra childish element to your baby birthday invitation. And be sure that it complements the chosen theme or colour of the birthday invite.

Birthday Invites with Colour

baby dreams card w magnet in lime 218976 Personalise Your Baby Themed Party Invitations

Just as typography to the birthday party invitation is important, the colour for the baby birthday invitation is also one of the key defining factors of the first birthday invitation. What are most recommended are soft pastel shades of green, blue, lavender, pink or yellow.

Birthday Invites with Photographs

disco baby postcard in violet 261334 Personalise Your Baby Themed Party Invitations

Depending on your budget and available time at hand to dedicate to personalising your baby birthday invitation, adding a picture to the birthday invitation is a good idea to bring that extra sentiment to your birthday party invitation. It would not only be more “personal” to your guest, but also let them have a sneak peak at the little one, whom they may not have seen, since the time they were born.

Birthday Invites with Detailing

baby bot bot square w magnet in apricot 216197 Personalise Your Baby Themed Party Invitations

Perhaps your budget is neither too thrifty nor too luxurious and you can in fact go a little overboard to colour your baby birthday invitation. Birds, a line of baby clothes being hung on little pegs, milk bottles set against a delicate background with subtle patterns is a great way to add a few delicate “baby” elements to the birthday party invitation.

There are many ways in which you can jazz up your baby birthday invitation. If you are creative and have many helping hands, a bit of DIY embellishments too would make it look great. It’s your baby’s first birthday and would be a moment you as parents and eventually, your baby as a child would want to reminisce.



Pastel Baby Invitations

Oct 28

It’s your baby’s first birthday and you are keen on making it a special one for your partner, your baby and the rest of the guests who join you in celebrating this special day. One of the best ways to make merry the occasion is to have a soft birthday theme and top it with pastel shaded baby birthday invitations. The most commonly used pastel shades for first birthday invitations include pink, mauve and baby blue, but a very light shade of yellow or jade or subtle orange is also sure to brighten up the birthday party invitations.

Baby Birthday Invitations with Pictures

disco baby postcard in tangerine 219304 1 Pastel Baby Invitations

One of the best ways to make the most of the pastel shaded baby birthday invitations is to add a recent picture of your baby to the birthday party invitation. Your baby’s picture could be placed on either side or top or bottom of the birthday invitation and the corresponding text against a milky pastel background next to it. Baby birthday invitations with baby pictures are a very personal way of telling your guests, “Be a part of our baby’s special day as she/he turns one.” Party ideas to complement the 1st birthday invitation could also include printed-postcards with your baby’s picture or even a Polaroid image of your guests with your baby.

Baby Birthday Invitations with Little Animals

animal baby shower postcard in coral 261260 Pastel Baby Invitations

The use of little furry animals or images of your baby’s favourite animals on the 1st birthday invitation are a great way of inviting your guests over for the birthday party. You could even top the birthday invite with a corresponding theme and decorate your living room with cut-outs of the little animals featured on the birthday party invitation. Moreover, your guests will have a vague idea of your baby’s favourite toys and be sure to bring along more stuffed animals for your little one to play with! Party ideas can also extend to a themed birthday cake and stuffed animals as party favours.

Baby Birthday Invitations using Typography

baby shower square w magnet in pastel blue 216312 Pastel Baby Invitations

One of the best ways to express the excitement of the parents at their little one turning one is to experiment using typography on the birthday party invitation. The font used and the placement of the text could be bubbly, exciting, bold or even accompanied with little stars and candles. Your guests upon receiving the birthday party invitation are sure to feel your excitement and arrive at the party in sunny spirits.

Make the most of your baby’s first birthday by sending out the birthday party invitations on time and moreover, be sure to select delicate pastel shades to make the occasion a delightful one.

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